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Who I am?

Considered one of the most controversial speakers and spiritual guides when transmitting his messages. His skillful and provocative spirit knows how to touch the most sensitive fibers of those who listen to him and seek their inner transformation. A self-taught person, he constantly reinforces his knowledge by consulting with therapists, psychologists and people of great wisdom who have guided him so that he is able to share, not only his personal experiences, but also to become a man of faith who not only managed to overcome his addictions but also who is aware that God gave him a very special gift that allows him to connect with people so that when listening to him feel at that moment a new and unexpected perspective in their lives that allows them to understand the need we all have to seek the help that we will lead to transform us.

As a writer, he has approached his followers with his book My New Self, which contains experiences, advice and spiritual reflections of his authorship. Creator of the healing conference, Identity Document, active member of the Casa de Dios Leadership Group. Youth activist dedicated to reaching out to young people and parents, giving guidance lectures at business schools and universities.

His participation in radio and television programs such as his program Mente, cuerpo y alma on Guatevisión, Spiritual Training on Canal Antigua, TV Azteca and others that support a career of more than 25 years in the Media.

Willy Barrios is an Emotional Healing Mentor, Lecturer, and Motivational Leadership Specialist.

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